Whats New in 2020 WEBA Natural Products

What’s New With WEBA Natural Products In 2020?

It’s A New Year And Change Is Coming.

Change is inevitable, of course. In our case, we hope to implement new initiatives that will contribute to increased transparency and sustainability going forward. We’ve been reading a lot about the importance of sustainability. Consumers are becoming more conscious of role that businesses play in terms of global warming, deforestation, pollution and more. Of course, we’ve been talking about being environmentally friendly since the beginning, and that hasn’t changed.

Here are some of the areas that we are looking at:

  • Primary packaging – Packaging solutions have improved over the years in response to consumer demands for less plastic and more earth friendly options. We will continue to offer our balms in aluminum tins, which are completely recyclable. We would like to move away from plastic bottles in the near future; we are looking at glass and other recycled/recyclable materials. While it is challenge given our desire for the most hygienic solution, we are committed to contributing to a more sustainable future.
  • Secondary/tertiary packaging – As we look towards designing boxes for new and revamped products, we will be transparent with customers about the sourcing and percentage of recycled material in these packages. All of our secondary packaging, as well as our shipping materials, will become 100% recycled/recyclable content. Our bar soaps will continue to use our tree-free lokta papers, which are durable and recyclable. In doing so, we support an underdeveloped community of artisans in the Himalayas.
  • Sampling program – Customers really like sampling programs. Ours will utilize post-consumer (recycled) materials, while providing customers with a cost-effective way to experience WEBA products before committing to full-sizes.
  • Raw materials – We will continue to hold suppliers accountable for organic and/or fair trade raw materials used in our products. While our bar soaps are fully palm oil free, it has been challenging to find suppliers who product palm-oil free raw materials for a few of our products. We will be working with our formulators to find new and innovative cruelty-free substitutes while maintaining product efficacy.
  • Haircare and Cosmetics – A few new lines will include basic haircare and cosmetics that are vegan, cruelty-free and perfect for travel. We will avoid problematic materials like glitter and will participate in the Responsible Mica Initiative. Issues like deforestation, child labor and toxic exposure are issues that matter to us. We will be looking for focus groups to help us develop these products; stay tuned for these developments.

We’d Love To Hear From You

There are many new and exciting things in the future for WEBA Natural Products and for our customers. We are always happy to hear from consumers – what do you love? If you would like to make a suggestion or if you want to join a focus group, please feel free to go to our Contact Us page and send us a line. After all, our customers are the reason why we strive to provide clean beauty products that meet their needs.

Clean beauty is here to stay blog post image

Clean Beauty Is Here To Stay

Have you head the term “clean beauty?” Most product-savvy consumers have. It’s the latest catchword in the personal care arsenal, alongside words like “natural” “organic” and “sustainable”, and it’s here to stay. It describes products made without certain potentially irritating or harmful ingredients. So what does “clean beauty” mean?

Why Clean Beauty?

Ever since the Environmental Working Group published the “Toxic Twenty” ingredients in cosmetics, consumers have been more curious about ingredients found in personal care products. Increasingly, consumers are reading product labels to screen out personal care products that may contain potential irritants or harmful ingredients. In the U.S., the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for regulating cosmetics, but they do not approve them before they go to market. When cosmetics are used for therapeutic purposes they are classified as drugs, which require FDA approval. For more specifics on this, visit the FDA authority webpage.

One of the major issues to come up of late has to do with prohibited ingredients. The FDA currently prohibits 11 potentially toxic ingredients for use in cosmetics. You can view the list here. In Canada and Europe, however, the list of banned ingredients is much higher. If the FDA does not have to approve, or even recall, cosmetic products, what can we do as consumers to make educated purchasing decisions?

What Are Clean Beauty Products?

According to an article in Good Housekeeping, clean beauty products are formulated without potentially harmful ingredients, whether synthetic or natural. Beauty retailer Sephora has created its “Clean At Sephora” line of products made without 1) sulfates, 2) parabens, 3) formaldehyde, 4) phthalates, or 5) mineral oil, among others. A number of beauty brands have created their own lists of banned ingredients. Even Target has joined the bandwagon with their own “Clean Beauty” label. Their list also includes oxybenzone, BHA , BHT, aluminum and artificial sweeteners. Read more about this initiative here. It’s important to remember, though, that this label category is not a legal definition. The term is not regulated by the FDA. But it’s a step in the right direction.

Given the growing number of clean beauty options, it’s easier than ever for consumers to be able to choose products that meet their needs. If you’re like me and you have sensitive skin, as well, it’s important to avoid known toxins and other irritants. At WEBA Natural Products, we have created products that are free of the above-mentioned ingredients since from the beginning. In fact, we were “clean” before it became fashionable. You can check out our current lineup of clean products on our Shop page.

A New Collaboration with Natural Me Beauty

A New Collaboration with Natural Me Beauty

Who Is Natural Me Beauty?

We’re happy to announce a new collaboration with online clean beauty marketplace Natural Me Beauty to bring our natural and sustainable skincare products to a new group of customers. The Chicago company founded by a two-time cancer survivor to bring the cleanest luxury beauty brands to discerning customers.

Beauty Box Promotion

The lifestyle brand and marketplace will be providing Beauty Subscription Boxes at reasonable cost. This month’s beauty box will feature our Lavender/Tea Tree Body Balm, an all-purpose salve with nourishing olive, shea, mango and other oils to nourish skin and hair.

You can learn more about this promotion by reading Natural Me Beauty’s promotional e-mail. It’s available for only $19.99 and contains full and sample size beauty products with skin-nourishing natural ingredients.

A New Sales Channel

We hope to make our products available to Natural Me Beauty customers on an ongoing basis with this new collaboration. For us, it’s a win-win. Spreading the message about the importance of living clean and reading labels is something that we’re both passionate about.