About Us


Lydia Diaz Founder of WEBA Natural ProductsFounder & President Lydia Diaz has suffered from dry, sensitive skin and hair for over a decade. Over time, she developed an extreme sensitivity to perfumes and other synthetic chemicals found in every product in her home. So she had to throw everything out and start over, learning to read labels and seeking to incorporate gentler, more natural products into her daily routine. Her research revealed that there is a condition called ideopathic environmental intolerance, a poorly understood ailment. She began to speculate that perhaps others might benefit from using naturally derived products with simpler ingredients. She embarked on a quest to learn all that she could about herbal remedies, plant-based treatments and ancient practices. She also wanted products that were not tested on animals or harmful to the environment. Taking a cue from her Italian and Spanish ancestors who used oil-based products on their skin, Lydia began formulating products in her kitchen and shared them with her husband, Marvin, her family and friends.

Lydia hopes to educate consumers about the importance of reading labels and researching ingredients, while creating a socially conscious company. WEBA regularly donates bar soaps and gift baskets to non-profits and food pantries.

WEBA bar soaps are also made without palm oil, a controversial product that has been responsible for mass deforestation and habitat loss for many indigenous species. One threatened species is the orangutan in Malaysia. Ethically sourced, naturally derived ingredients cost more, but many consumers feel that they are worth paying a little more for.

Environmentally Friendly

WEBA strives to source environmentally friendly raw materials that a biodegradable and plant-based.


We strive to reuse, recycle and repurpose raw materials and packaging as much as possible. The manufacturing process is free of toxic by-products.


All of our products are hand-crafted in small batches in the Hudson valley.

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