"WEBA" stands for "Whole Earth Body Actives." It's how we source the ingredients for all of our natural products.

From our organic oils, essential oils, and butters, to our sustainable packaging, botanicals, and fabrics, we are careful to leave as light a footprint as we can on our planet. We also believe in simplicity. Why use five different products, when one will do? All of our products have multiple uses. This saves time, money, resources, and counter space.

We recycle or re-purposes everything that we use, so that nothing is wasted. There are no animal products, pesticides, or gmos in the ingredients that we source. It is our commitment to being responsible stewards of the natural world.

Once you try WEBA Natural Products, you will not want to return to commercially made products. The difference is clear. We hope that you will give our products a try. For more information, visit our page Why go natural?

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