Why go natural?

Rainforest panorama

Why choose natural products?

What do we mean by natural? Products whose ingredients are free of man-made chemicals and by-products.

At WEBA Natural Products, natural is what we live by. We ask ourselves;
1) Are raw materials derived from pure plant-based sources?
2) Do we manufacture in a responsible and earth-friendly way?
3) Are our end-products biodegradable? Do they harm the environment in any way?
4) Most importantly, are our products truly beneficial to our customers, their families and friends?

We want to be sure that when we say “natural”, we are being true to ourselves and to our customers. To do any less just wouldn’t do. At WEBA Natural Products, our mission is to create something that benefits all – earth, sea, and air – without harming or exploiting animals in any way. That means that we will never test on animals. Nor do we need to, as these natural ingredients are pet-friendly as well as human-friendly. Our raw materials are also responsibly sourced; we do not use palm oil, as the clear-cutting that is taking place in our planet’s rainforests eliminates important animal habitats. Our rainforests need to be protected. And natural products are biodegradable and can be composted, leaving a minimal footprint on the planet.

We believe that providing you with naturally-derived products is what you really want and need in order to maintain a healthy environment for yourselves and your loved ones. Ultimately, it is our customer who will let us know if we have met the mark.

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