Earth Friendly Hacks You Can Try Right Now

Earth Friendly Hacks You Can Try Right Now

Earth-Friendly Hacks You Can Try Right Now

In honor of Earth Month, we’ve assembled a bunch of earth-friendly hacks that will not only make your life easier, but will save you money. We firmly believe in eliminating unnecessary product purchases as much as possible. Replacing them with more earth-friendly and sustainable options just makes sense. Give these a try and see if you don’t save time, money, and your sanity.

  • Buy white vinegar by the gallon – vinegar is not just for dressing. White vinegar is, in fact, great in the bathroom. Use it full-strength in the toilet to remove lime buildup. Dilute 1:1 with water in a spray bottle and remove soap scum in the shower. It’s great for cleaning glass, as well. In the kitchen room, it’s great for sweetening the coffee pot. In the garden, use it full-strength to kill weeds without the need for toxic pesticides. These are only a few of the many uses for this versatile staple.
  • Not just for cleaning wounds, the bathroom staple hydrogen peroxide is the secret ingredient in “oxyclean” products, and is thoroughly biodegradable. It’s great as a whitener and spot remover on clothing. In the bath, create a paste using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to remove stains from porcelain sinks, toilets, bathtubs and tile. Save on cleaning products and detergents by using this one item.
  • Trade up to Cartridge-free Printers – Even though printer cartridges are recyclable, over 50% of them end up in landfills. Recycling cartridges can be complicated and they are expensive. Many companies have responded by creating all-in-one printers with refillable ink tanks. This allows them to print as many as 7,000 pages, while keeping printer cartridges out of landfills. You can find a list of printers here.
  • Barter for goods and services – bartering is coming back in a big way. All networks have one thing in common; members take advantage of a network of individuals or businesses that combine their resources and provide them for free. From babysitting coops to business-related networks, individuals and businesses can save lots of money. It’s a win-win! Examples include the Hudson Barter Exchange and Hudson Valley Current. For individuals, try swapright or There are also product-swapping Facebook groups that help keep used products out of the trash. You an even housesit for free using sites like
  • Embrace solar – Today, earth friendly solar powered products are everywhere. They are capable of powering everything from cell phones to entire homes and communities. Moving off the grid has real benefits. One of the biggest ones is the advantages to the environment. Solar power is entirely renewable compared with oil and gas. It is also getting less expensive every day. From solar powered backpacks to solar lights, solar power can make our lives easier, save money, and make our planet a cleaner place. Check out the solar devices available here.
  • Learn how to forage – Food foraging is the norm in many parts of the world and it has caught on in the United States as well. Many great herbs and vegetables grow wild in our own backyards. and are loaded with vitamins, minerals and flavor. From dandelion greens and purslane to wild garlic and burdock root, there are many opportunities to add plants that you can harvest for free, with a little guidance. Check out a foraging manual and get picking! You’ll save money and add awesome taste and nutrition to your usual garden vegetables.
  • Choose reusable stainless steel – We love earth-friendly stainless steel items for many reasons. It’s inert, easy to clean, and endlessly versatile. Most stainless steel has about 60% recycled metal, making it pretty sustainable. One of our favorite products is this stainless steel food carrier from Thrive Market. You can also find water bottles, straws, camping gear and cookware that will last for years to come.

We hope you enjoy our list of earth-friendly hacks. Look for more ideas in the coming months. For us here at WEBA Natural Products, every day is Earth Day.

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