charities to donate to on Giving Tuesday

Cool Charities To Donate To On Giving Tuesday

Cool Charities To Donate To On Giving Tuesday

Tuesday, November 27th is Giving Tuesday. It is a global movement designed to support charitable giving during the holiday season. You may be wondering why I’m talking about Giving Tuesday on our blog. Well, here at WEBA Natural Products, we’re not just focused on providing you with clean beauty products that are good for the planet. We believe in the importance of giving back, too. Every year we donate gift baskets to worthy causes, from environmental and farming groups to food banks. We donate bar soaps to shelters so that families don’t have to worry about how they will pay for personal care items like these.

So we thought it only fitting to include a discussion about some of our favorite charities and why it is important to support their work. Without people like us, non profit organizations might find it difficult to engage in the work that they do. Our list is below:

  • Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – This organization, comprised of physicians and scientists, conducts research and strives to improve the lives of people and animals with the help of a plant-based diet.
  • Environmental Working Group – Here, they strive to educate consumers on the dangers of environmental hazards and chemicals. Their website provides various databases covering products from foods to cosmetics; they have also created the EWG Verified program. And if you give now, your gift will be matched.
  • Rainforest Foundation Fund – Founded by Sting and Trudie Styler in 1987, this organization works with indigenous populations to maintain precious habitats by providing grants and engaging in various projects designed to preserve our beautiful planet.
  • National Wildlife Federation – This is one of the oldest and largest advocacy groups in the United States. Their mission is to preserve our wildlife and natural habitats by educating and advocating for change. They supply teaching materials and partner with companies like Animal Planet and Aveda to support their mission.
  • Greenpeace – Greenpeace is a world-wide organization that strives to bring about a greener, more sustainable planet. When you give now, your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar.
  • Conservation International – Based in 30 countries, the staff at Conservation International works to preserve our forests and oceans through funding, field projects and innovative research.
  • Arbor Day Foundation – The Arbor Day Foundation is a conservation and education organization dedicated to saving and preserving our precious trees.

Of course, there are many state and local charitable organizations that are deserving of your dollars, like local animal shelters, victims rights organizations and legal defense funds. We chose these because they align closely with what we at WEBA believe – that our beautiful planet needs our help in order to remain beautiful. And that is a beautiful thing! We hope that you will consider making a donation on Giving Tuesday. To learn more about this movement, visit