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Comfrey – All You Need To Know About This Amazing Herb

What Is Comfrey?

Common comfrey, or Symphytum officinale, is a flowering perennial from the Borage family. It has elongated basal leaves and bell-like flowers which are tempting to bees. It was originally cultivated in Asia, Europe and U.K., and is a common weed throughout North America. In the U.S., the FDA banned the consumption of comfrey roots and leaves in 2002 because of a high concentration of pryrolizidine alkaloids. Elsewhere, the roots, leaves and flowers have been consumed for thousands of years, and it has been used topically as well.

What is Comfrey Used For?

Comfrey has been used as a poultice for wounds, sprains and broken bones. On the African continent it earned the name “boneset” for its ability to help heal broken bones. It contains the ingredient allantoin, which speeds production of new cells and aids in healing.Today, allantoin is an emollient used in skincare products to ease skin irritation.

At WEBA Natural Products, we use olive oil infused with comfrey root and leaf for our, which includes arnica and turmeric extracts as well. Naturally derived and sustainably sourced, this preparation has been shown to soothe bruised, irritated skin.