More Uses For Body Balm

More Uses for Body Balm photo

A few years ago, I posted an article on the Ten Uses for Body Balm. Since then, balms have grown in popularity mainly because they are 1) waterless, 2) all natural, 3) multipurpose, 4) travel-friendly and 5) deeply moisturizing. Many of our customers agree; our All Purpose Body Balm with Lavender and Tea Tree Oil is one of our most popular items.

Balms are definitely here to stay. Today I would like to include a few more uses for our bestselling body balm:

  1. Cleansing balm – For those with sensitive skin, a cleansing balm can provide gentle cleansing while providing targeted moisture. It’s especially good at removing oil-based makeup like eye makeup without irritating the skin. Of course, it helps that our balm contains naturally-derived ingredients like olive and sweet almond oils and the antioxidant benefits of Vitamin E. If you use a cleansing oil like our, it provides a spill-proof, travel-friendly package when you need to remove makeup and dirt on the go.
  2. Beard balm – Balms are great for the guys, too. Beards can become dry and brittle, too, and balms are a good way to keep them shiny, smooth and soft. The lavender and tea tree oils also are also anti-bacterial. They are also good on razor stubble.
  3. Eyebrow conditioner – Brows are delicate things, and using a little balm to keep them shiny is a good way to highlight them. The castor oil in our balm helps soften them and provides a nice base for eyebrow products. You can use the balm to remove brow makeup, as well. Cleansing products that are too harsh can cause brow loss. A little balm goes a long way, so don’t use too much.
  4. Paint remover – believe it or not, oil-based balms can help remove paint from your skin. It’s always a good idea to wear gloves when painting, but if paint has had a chance to dry on your skin it can be tough to wash off. Just rub some balm all over the affected area, then use plain soap. It will create an emulsion that should remove the paint without irritating your skin.
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