Consumer Survey Results

WEBA Natural Products Consumer Survey Results

Consumer Survey Results Are In!

Earlier this year, we sent out a /Consumer Survey to customers and Facebook follwers, and the results are in. We’re going to share them here.

Why A Survey?

We know that our customers and fans can provide us with lots of valuable feedback regarding their skincare needs. By checking in with them, we hope to continue to meet their needs, as well as learning what is on their most-wanted list.

We asked four simple questions. The results are indicated below:

  1. Which product category are you most interested in?
    Skincare – 100%
    Haircare – 80%
    Color Cosmetics – 50%
  2. What Are Your Skin Concerns? Dry – 90% Oily – 20% Acne – 20% Eczema – 10% Rosacea – 10% Sensitive Skin – 50%
  3. When Choosing Products What Criteria Do You Use? Price – 50% Natural Ingredients – 90% Made in USA – 60% Effectiveness – 100% Vegan – 30% Cruelty-Free – 10%
  4. Where Do You Prefer To Shop? Amazon – 50% Etsy – 10% Drugstore – 20% Healthfood Store – 20% Company Website – 50%

What We Loved About The Results

The results of the survey told us that:

  • We were reaching our target customer; people with dry, sensitive skin who are looking for natural products that are effective and are made in the U.S.A.
  • We are focusing on products that consumers are looking for.

We are thankful to our consumer survey participants. We hope that we will be able to count on them to provide feedback as we strive to improve and expand our line of natural products.

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