Best Natural Bar Soap

WEBA Natural Products Best Natural Bar Soap
WEBA Natural Products’ all-natural botanical bar soaps are available in seven (7) scents.

The best natural bar soaps are made without animal ingredients, SLS, harsh surfactants, artificial perfumes or dyes. They are also palm oil free. Meaning clean skin. And that’s a good thing, especially if your skin is sensitive.

Why No Palm Oil?

Palm oil is a saturated fat that is used worldwide. It can be found in everything from pastries and peanut butter to cosmetics and personal care products. As a result, rain forests are being destroyed, especially in Malaysia and South America. This is also displacing many indigenous species, particularly the Orangutan. We believe that there’s another way. We substitute ingredients like shea and cocoa butter to create a moisturizing bar. It may cost a little more, but we believe that it’s worth it. We think that you will, too.

About Our Soap Wraps

We love to contribute to the sustainability movement by using soap wraps that are handmade in Nepal. These lokta papers are not only tree-free, but they help to support the Nepalese and sustain their paper-making enterprise.

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